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Family Welcome Letter

A letter from our Chief School Officer, Eric Grunden

We're Hiring

Currently seeking Long Term Substitutes

2021-22 Lottery Applications CLOSED

2021-22 Admissions lottery has been held and all applicants have been notified by email of the results. You may also check the parent portal to see your waitlist position and track progress.

We are still accepting applications for Waitlist Only – any received now will NOT be a part of the lottery and go to the bottom of the waitlist.

Tech Recommendations

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If you have any questions, please email the RTHS Tech Team ( Mae Mohamed, Jay Liotta, and Cornelius Gloria )

Research Triangle High School provides globally competitive Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education by pioneering models of teaching and learning.

The Impact

Chartered March 2012
Opened August 2012

I like being able to take notes on my own at home (while watching Flipped videos) because then I don’t have to slow down in class. I’m able to take in more information that way.

I’m comfortable here because I have teachers that care about me. I don’t feel left out…

I like how they offer AP classes or options – we had AP Biology and AP World Civ last year (9th grade). 

I like RTHS because the labs and the hands-on activities we do in class are really fun.

2018-2019 Enrollment


Diversity of Students

Average Class Size


2018-2019 School Performance Grade

Research Triangle High
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As an independent public charter high school, we are accountable to the state and the public for the success of our students. We’re accountable to our community to maintain an intentional, diverse and thriving educational environment with our personalized learning model.

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