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Akiba Griffin
Interim Principal

Akiba Griffin was named interim principal by the RTHS board on June 30, 2023.  She started her career as a teaching fellow, teacher, and lead teacher at KIPP New York City. She then went on to become a Principal Fellow with Uncommon Schools. For the past year she has served in the role of Assistant Principal at RTHS.  Akiba has her bachelors from Johnson C. Smith University in Communications and Media Studies and her Masters from the Relay Graduate School of Education. While Akiba will be leading the school-based transition, she also partners with the Setser Group who will serve as a liasion to both the RTHS board and to Akiba and the RTHS leadership team.  

During our summer transition planning, please direct all questions to bryan@setsergroup.com so that he can help support the transition team process below while Akiba and her leadership team partner in readying RTHS for the launch of the 2023-2024 school year

Transition Plan Timeline

  • RTHS Leadership Team meets every Monday to map the week
  • RTHS Transition Team Leaders meet weekly over zoom and asynchronously
  • Transition task force members hold meetings weekly throughout the summer facilitated by the transition team leaders
  • A Friday Final update goes out to the RTHS community each Friday

Please direct all questions and concerns to Bryan Setser of Setser Group at bryan@setsergroup.com who will route them to the appropriate transition leads as we begin our work together.