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The PTSO grant program provides discretionary funds to RTHS clubs, students, teachers, and staff to enhance the educational and extracurricular experience of our students. These funds are intended to cover areas not covered by existing budgetary allotments or dedicated funds. Grants cannot be submitted outside of the current school year.

Grant requests are reviewed once a month, so you should generally expect to wait 4-8 weeks before you hear back on the status of your request. (If you require a faster response, please forward the email you receive after submitting to ptso-vpcommunication@rthighschool.org, along with the reason for your urgency.) If additional information is needed by the PTSO Board, you will be contacted and asked to supply that information before your request will receive final review.

Once a grant is awarded you must supply receipts for the services by the end of May of the current school year. Any monies not used for the intended purpose must be returned to the PTSO unless under $15.00. The maximum amount of any grant awarded will be $700, without special circumstance and additional documentation.

Students, faculty, and staff may submit PTSO Grant requests at  https://goo.gl/forms/qNlTw9Q0ZgYTyObf2
Note: this form requires that you be using an @rthighschool.org email