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Our vision is to create a sense of Advocacy, Leadership, Systemic Chance and Collaboration. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Model helps address these topics and creates a foundation that leads to Delivery, Management, and Accountability. We want to use these resources to provide all students the opportunity to be successful and create a sense of readiness in the workforce as they leave RTHS. Through academics and in social aspects of life they will come to rely on skills such as these and RTHS works to help create a future for each student.

Our vision is to graduate young people who are prepared for college-level studies, and who have learned the 21st century skills that Research Triangle Park-like companies seek. We strive to prepare students for the 21st century workforce by instilling in students the skills and habits of thinking that our global companies seek. This requires us to guide young people to become independent, innovative problem solvers

High school counselors define and focus the comprehensive school counseling program based on the school’s academic, attendance and behavioral data. Identifying student needs through this data and consulting with administrators guides program development. High school counselors provide equitable and appropriate services by addressing students’ academic, career and social/emotional developmental needs. The end result of this work is reflected in improvement in academic, attendance and behavioral outcomes related to academic development, college and career readiness and social/emotional development.  

School counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community. School counseling programs should be an integral part of students’ daily educational environment, and school counselors should be partners in student achievement.

High school counselors do not work in isolation; rather they are integral to the total educational program. High school counselors also collaborate with teachers and parents on early identification and intervention of children’s academic and social/emotional needs, which is essential in removing barriers to learning and developing skills and behaviors critical for academic achievement.

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